Stupid News: Man Takes Selfie, Destroys 126 Year Old Statue

Stupid News
image: wikimedia commons

Taking a selfie can be dangerous or cause harm so you need to be careful when taking one of these popular photos…

Selfie sticks have been banned from many museums due to the potential damage they can cause. (Here is a list of places that ban the selfie stick.) A little over a year back a boy fell of a cliff while taking a selfie and a pilot was fired for taking selfies during a flight.

In stupid news a 126 year old statue was destroyed thanks to the selfie…

The statue “of a 16th century Portugese king that had been in position for 126 years” was destroyed when a man climbed its pedestal.

When the statue crashed to the ground, the man tried to run. However, the police caught him and he will now being going before a judge in the future.

The statue of Dom Sebastiao is part of a protected monument which was completed in 1890. It was located at the entrance to the Rossio rail station in Lisbon.

Don’t forget, next time you take a selfie, make sure not to climb any 100-year-old statues!

Find out more from the Mirror here.

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