Woman Falls 60 Feet Off Foresthill Bridge Taking Selfie

Foresthill Bridge
image: wikicommons

Taking selfies can be very dangerous.

A couple of years back a boy fell 1,640 feet off a cliff while taking a selfie and survived. Selfies have also helped cause damage to very old statues. Last year, Croatia warned tourists to stop taking stupid selfies!

Earlier in the week a woman fell off of Foresthill Bridge (California’s tallest bridge) while taking a selfie.

The woman, from Sacramento was with a group of friends at Foresthill Bridge. They were walking on the girders underneath the bridge (which is illegal) when the accident took place.

She tried taking a selfie and fell backwards 60 feet, landing on a trail below. T+L says that “she was life-flighted to Sutter Roseville Medical Center and is expected to survive.”

The area below the bridge is closed and not supposed to be visited by tourists. However, it’s a popular spot for photos. T+L mentions that “Instagram is littered with photos of people showing off their illegal activities.”

One of woman’s friends said that the group was going to take a photo together just before the accident took place. The woman stepped on a bolt which caused her to lose her balance and fall backwards.

I wonder if the group faces charges for breaking the law. You also have to think that there’s got to be a way to close off the area from trespassers…

Find out more from T+L here.

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