Be Careful Taking Selfies- Boy Falls 1,640 Feet Off Cliff, Survives

TelegraphPhoto: Molltaler Gletscher/Facebook

We heard about how selfie sticks could be potentially dangerous to works of art and were being banned in museums but who knew that taking a selfie could be potentially life-threatening?

Sometimes taking a selfie is a necessary evil. Maybe no one is around to take a photo for you or you want to take that group shot without bothering anyone else. But is it worth risking your life for?

A 14-year-old British boy on a school trip was taking a selfie when he fell 1,640 feet off of a cliff edge in a ski resort in the Austrian Alps.

Luckily he “emerged with just bumps and bruises” according to The Telegraph.

Crazy as it sounds, this scary event took place on the last day of the trip as “the group stopped at the peak of Mount Scharek at 2,600m to take photos of themselves with the Alpine backdrop“.

My first thought was, couldn’t the kids have paired up and taken turns taking photos with the scenic background for each other!

After the fall, the kid was airlifted to a hospital 20 miles away. He was kept for observation and suffering from shock.

This was the second selfie-related incident that took place recently in a ski resort. In the other incident a 28-year-old Australian skier fell 1,000 feet in Wyoming and survived.

Just don’t forget to be careful and checkout your surroundings before taking that selfie…

Find out more about these selfie-related close calls from The Telegraph here.

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