Awesome Hotel Amenity- Rent A Canada Goose At This Hyatt

canada goose
image: wikicommons

Free amenities from hotels can vary greatly. Forget various toiletries and you can call the front desk at many hotels and the item will be sent up to your room, free of charge.

At one Kimpton Hotel there’s a watch concierge. Choose from a variety of Shinola watches to borrow during your stay.

One hotel is now renting out Canada Goose jackets to guests.

It gets very cold in Minnesota during the winter so the Hyatt Regency Mall of America is renting out Canada Goose jackets for… free!

I think borrow is a better term for the amenity being offered.

Guests can borrow a Canada Goose jacket by stopping by the hotel’s coat room. Select the color of your choice from red, black or white, your size and the model (Snow Mantra, Trillium or Banff).

Sounds simple enough. Then guests sign a release and provide a credit card just to make sure the coat is returned without any damage. If you like the coat, it can be purchased after trying it out.

T+L mentions that, “As part of its partnership with the hotel, through February 9, Canada Goose will also have a customized vending machine in the lobby that sells hats and hand warmers.”

For those of you who are visiting Minnesota and want to pack light, this amenity might really help lighten the load of your carry on. You don’t want to get arrested for wearing too many pieces of clothes on a flight like this passenger did.

What do you think of this interesting amenity? I think it’s a smart partnership for Canada Goose and a great marketing idea.

Find out more from T+L here.

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