Family Arrested In Spain, Had Over 8,000 Pounds Of Oranges In Cars

image: wikicommons

A family in Spain was arrested with what most would consider some pretty crazy cargo in their vehicles.

According to T+L, “when police noticed some suspicious driving, a short car chase ended with...” four tons of oranges.

In total, five people were arrested and police in Seville, Spain came across over 8,000 pounds of oranges in three cars.

The family had a pretty weak response when trying to explain why they had so many of the fruits. They claimed to have stopped and collected them as they drove from far away!

T+L mentions that, “they lacked the proper permits to be carrying that much fruit!”

Further holes in their story were revealed as a robbery was reported in the town of Carmona which isn’t too far away. Hours earlier a shipment of oranges had been stolen.

The family arrested included a couple and their three sons.

I was shocked to read that this kind of crime isn’t so surprising in Spain. When the price of oranges rises, similar robberies tend to take place. Crazy!

Find out more from T+L here.

6 thoughts on “Family Arrested In Spain, Had Over 8,000 Pounds Of Oranges In Cars

  1. Brian Cohen- Kim told me to tell you- “Berry punny”! BTW- you might be jealous- bought Bell Bialy’s two weeks in a row.

    AlohaDaveKennedy- LOL! Imagine the horror and if a car crashed, it could be a sticky situation!

    1. Better punny than seedy, Michael…

      …and as for the Bell Bialys — that’ll do it.

      Did you go to Oceanside to purchase them; or to a neighborhood store within the city limits?

      1. Brian- I didn’t know they were now made in Oceanside! Thought they were made in Bklyn. Last week I bought them at a store in K-Town, Manhattan. A 6 pack was only $1.99. Otherwise, I buy them in Brooklyn.

  2. Looks like the Spanish uncovered a new vehicle for our Florida money launders to use since we shut down their $3.6 billion gold laundering operation last fall. At about $800 per metric ton, our guys just need to move 4.5 million tons, or about a million carloads full of oranges, to clean the equivalent amount of money. No wonder our Miami traffic is so bad! We were all worried about the occasional Zika mosquito, but the real threat down here will be swarms of ravenous fruit flies.

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