Men Arrested At English Airport Smuggling $71 Million Worth Of Cocaine

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Five men were arrested for smuggling over 1,100 pounds of cocaine into England on a private jet.

The cocaine is supposedly worth around $71 million and was flown in from Colombia.

The plane flew into Farnborough Airport in Hampshire earlier in the week.

UK Border Forces questioned those onboard. When they became suspicious, they searched the plane, finding the cocaine hidden in 15 suitcases. Each case contained 34-37 “tape-wrapped packages” which each weighed around one kilo (2.2 pounds).

The five men arrested included two British brothers and a Spanish and Italian man. The plane’s crew was also questioned but wasn’t charged.

This is one of the largest amounts of cocaine smuggled into the U.K on a plane in years.

Find out more from Fox News here.

3 thoughts on “Men Arrested At English Airport Smuggling $71 Million Worth Of Cocaine

  1. Amateur hour in England. We offloaded ten tons of cocaine worth over $300 million in a slow week at Port Everglades last November. Business is so good in Florida that we have to spend $37.5 million to upgrade the Port of Miami just to keep up with the expected traffic. Now there is talk of a production company filming “Cocaine Cowboys Part II: There’s No Business Like Snow Business.”

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