Actor Jason Mitchell Freaks Out On Plane, Flight Cancelled

jason mitchell
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Jason Mitchell, an actor who was in Straight Outta Compton and Kong: Skull Island (among other films) had some confusion about his seat assignment while boarding a flight recently.

The actor was supposed to fly on Delta Airlines and had booked a seat in first class. When he got to his seat, somebody else was sitting in it and Mitchell “threw a fit“, according to Fox News.

Mitchell was supposed to fly from Las Vegas to Salt Lake City when he found out he wouldn’t be flying in first. This led the actor to go on a threatening, cursing tirade. The situation was filmed by another passenger where other passengers and crew are seen trying to calm the actor down.

It was initially reported that Delta overbooked his first class seat but the airline says that Jason Mitchell missed his flight so he was offered a spot in standby. Since the flight didn’t have room in first, Mitchell was seated in Comfort+, the only seat left on the plane.

It was reported that Mitchell, “paced up and down the first-class section, hurling foul language at the airline’s flight attendants“.

When Mitchell was asked to get his things and deplane, he cursed the flight attendant out.

Soon after the actor calmed down and was in his Comfort+ seat, an announcement was made that all passengers need to deplane due to the situation. Mitchell then said he was getting off of the plane and asked why everyone else had to get off!

Once Mitchell left the plane, he was arrested by law enforcement. Delta decided not to press charges.

Find out more from Fox News here.

6 thoughts on “Actor Jason Mitchell Freaks Out On Plane, Flight Cancelled

  1. Double Standard- Who knows but it seems to always have to be about race which this clearly wasn’t.

    Matt- Both good points but Mitchell clearly missed his flight which wasn’t the fault of the airline.

    Mike L- Mitchell is 100% in the wrong here.

    Mike Murphy- He may’ve assumed they all knew who he was!

    David Marquette- So true about the mobile boarding pass. He may’ve been rebooked and never even looked at it.

  2. It is hard to excuse this passenger’s boorish carrying on. The matter itself was not a race issue, but hard to deny that his foul-mouthed language interjecting race (as if to suggest that he was denied his otherwise occupied seat due to his black skin) didn’t interject that. Hard to blame the airline on this one.

    Not to excuse it – but his reliance on his smart phone boarding pass added to his tirade. a paper boarding pass for this particular flight would have clearly shown him in C+, NOT 1st, yet he waived around his phone boarding pass for his missed flight like it pertained here.

  3. Was this guy in the wrong? Yes. Have airlines made flying such a shitty experience that you can’t help but feel shafted by every action they take? Yes.

    1. As much as I am in favor of blaming the airline when it’s appropriate (and most of the time it is), this guy missed his original flight. It’s 100% his fault. I’m sure they could have re-booked him on a later flight with first availability if the seat was that important to him. Instead, he chose to take what was available, then throw a temper tantrum.

  4. That jackass was cussing at everyone and used racially charged language that would have had the NAACP calling for his head on stick. Where is the outrage?

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