Man Arrested In Turkey For Trying To Bring Home Snorkeling Souvenirs

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You might want to be careful with the souvenirs that you try to bring home from Turkey.

A British man was arrested in Turkey recently for trying to bring home some souvenirs he found while snorkeling during a trip with his family.

The man, Toby Robyns is “being accused of trying to take home ancient artifacts“, according to Travel + Leisure.

While at the airport, Robyns was found with 13 coins when the police checked his luggage. T+L mentions that he “is being held on suspicion of not declaring these coins to authorities while traveling“. The incident took place at Milas-Bodrum Airport as Robyns was about to head home from his family trip to Turgutreis.

While Robyns is being held in Turkey, his family headed back to the UK.

I think that most of us would consider this an innocent mistake made by Robyns. I can’t say that I wouldn’t do the same if I found something like this while traveling. Unless there was some sort of warning about taking things home without declaring them, how would Robyns even know that he did something wrong?

I’m curious to find out what happens with this case.

3 thoughts on “Man Arrested In Turkey For Trying To Bring Home Snorkeling Souvenirs

  1. Conway- I’m not so sure that its a “common rule” which is “common knowledge”. I’ve been to 82 UN member states and unless there was a clear sign, I can’t say that I wouldn’t take something that I had found.

  2. This is a pretty common rule in most countries. For people who travel this is common knowledge, like how almost all countries prohibit you from bringing fresh fruits or vegetables in with you. If I remember correctly when I was in Turkey there were signs at tourist sites and at the airport about taking anything likebthose coins out with you.

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