Another 50 Marriott Rewards Points Bonus For A Tweet!

marriott rewards pointsBeing social can get you up to 45,000 Marriott Rewards Points.

Earning the points is relatively easy. So far I’ve earned 150 points for sending some tweets to Marriott on Twitter.

I’ve been wondering if Marriott will start including other social channels, but I haven’t noticed so far. (If you’ve seen other opportunities to earn Marriott Rewards points besides through Twitter, please let us know.)

Yesterday I responded to a Marriott tweet thinking it was a new opportunity to earn some points. Their tweet didn’t include the #MembersGetIt and #RewardsPoints hashtags but I decided to respond anyways.

Soon after, I received a tweet back mentioning, “You’re that much closer to your next great moment”.

I wondered if this was a mistake but then an e-mail arrived with the subject, “Success! Your points have arrived.” The message let me know that I was 50 points closer to my next moment.

While 50 points isn’t much, it took all of 5 seconds or so to send out a tweet. I’ll take the points any day!

It would be nice to see Marriott up the amounts of points given away from time to time but this program is still very generous so who am I to complain!

Have you been taking part in earning Marriott Rewards Points with the #RewardsPoints promo?

If you haven’t earned the latest 50 points, respond to Marriott’s tweet here. Hopefully, you’re not to late.

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