McDonald’s Has A Despicable Me Menu In This Country

Despicable Me

Despicable Me 3 comes out today, June 30. While this might not be of interest to most of you, it is exciting to Lucas since he’s a big fan. I promised Lucas that I’d take him to see the movie one day so that means I’ll most likely get a decent nap!

For most of the Despicable Me movies, McDonald’s has done a tie-in in the form of a Happy Meal toy. (Lucas has a bunch of them.)

However, McDonald’s in one country is doing a lot more than just a Happy Meal toy related to the movie.

McDonald’s Singapore will have a variety of Minions menu items “available on the Dollar Menu,” according to Cosmopolitan.

Items include:

  • Minion Ice Cream Cone– a blue cone filled with neon yellow banana ice cream.
  • Minion shaped “potato nuggets”– the article mentions that they’re “mashed potatoes encased in a hashbrown-like exterior. Taste wise, they just taste like normal potatoes“.
  • Spicy Nuggets which come in a small box with a minion on it
  • Banana Pie– Like the popular Apple Pie but  banana flavored

And of course there’s the minion Happy Meal toys. Lucas got one the other day. It looks like the toys in Singapore and the US are probably the same.

While I’m not a banana fan, I would be curious about how the spicy nuggets taste and the Minion potato nuggets also sound interesting!

I think that McDonald’s doing a movie menu tie-in is an interesting idea. Too bad they aren’t trying this Despicable Me 3 menu around the world.

Find out more from Cosmopolitan here.

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