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mcdonald's ireland

During our trip to Ireland, the Michael W Travels family dined in pubs quite frequently.

Besides pub dining, Lucas and I were excited to check out McDonald’s Ireland. Lucas was interested in getting a toy and I was looking forward to seeing what local menu items might be available.

I’ve previously written about McDonald’s we’ve visited in:

(I’ve also visited McDonald’s in many other countries that I haven’t written about.)

On the second day of our visit, we noticed a McDonald’s close to a museum we were visiting. After our visit, we decided to stop in for lunch.

Here are the items we tried during our visit to McDonald’s Ireland.

Item #1: Shamrock Shake

a cup of green liquid on a table

I’ve heard about the Shamrock Shake and know that it isn’t exclusive to Ireland but it made sense to give it a try in the Emerald Isle.

I took a sip of the shake and wasn’t impressed. While I’m not a big fan of mint, I don’t hate it. I also wouldn’t expect the Shamrock Shake to taste like toothpaste! Lucas also wasn’t a fan of the shake but Kim enjoyed it.

Item #2: McCruncher

a hamburger and a burger cut in half

I planned to order a regular cheeseburger but spotted the McCruncher on the Eurosaver menu. At €1.50 it seemed like a fair price to pay.

The McCruncher is a patty topped with cheddar cheese, crispy onions and a special sauce. The burger seemed more or less the same as other McDonald’s burgers I’ve had but the toppings made it really enjoyable. I’d definitely recommend the McCruncher burger if you see it on a McDonald’s menu.

Item #3: Mozzarella Dippers with Salsa dip.

a close up of food

I’ve had various fried cheese items at McD’s all over. Mozzarella sticks were available in the US- you can check out my review of them above.

The Mozzarella Dippers came with three sticks to the order. While the cheese wasn’t stringy like mozz sticks I’ve had in restaurants, they were still enjoyable. The salsa dip appeared to be a tangy, thick tomato sauce which I really liked. Overall, these Mozzarella Dippers were a solid snack to try from the menu.

Item 4: Big Flavour Wraps- The Big BBQ Chicken & Bacon One

a close up of food

I immediately noticed that McDonald’s Ireland offered a bunch of different chicken wraps. There are four flavors in total which cost €4.00 each. However, everyday one Wrap of the Day is offered for only €2.90. I decided to try whichever wrap was the special.

I peeled open the packaging to see The Big BBQ Chicken & Bacon One which is a wrap stuffed with a crispy Chicken Select, lettuce, tomato, bacon and mayo.

Being the picky eater that I am, I unrolled the wrap to remove the tomato and some of the lettuce. I also wiped away some of the mayo as it was covered.

When I gave the wrap a try, I thought it was very good. The chicken looked like real meat, not the fake, ground up stuff included in the nuggets. The wrap could’ve used more bacon but the bites of it that I did get made the wrap even better. Kim tried my wrap and also felt it was pretty solid

Item #5: Spicy Vegetable Deluxe

a close up of a burger

I don’t eat many vegetables and definitely don’t eat veggies burgers but Kim does.

Here are Kim’s thoughts on the Spicy Vegetable Deluxe:

The Spicy Veggie burger was not my first choice. I wasn’t really in the mood for something spicy. I had planned on ordering one of the chicken wraps but when we found out about the promo I had a hard time ordering the flavor I wanted that wasn’t 2.90. I decided to be a good sport and order a different menu option that I wasn’t used to seeing at McD’s (and one that Michael would never try!).

I have to say I’m glad I did. The burger only had the slightest hint of spice which was nicely balanced by the sauce (ketchup and mayo?) slathered on the bun. The burger itself had a nice crunchy outside with a good texture inside. I couldn’t really say what vegetables it was made of but I was left feeling like I made a not so unhealthy choice.

Wow! A healthy option at McDonald’s Ireland…

Bonus Item: Sweet Curry Sauce

a container of sauce and a package of sauce

I happen to like some of the dipping sauces that McDonald’s offers. I figured I’d see if McDonald’s Ireland had any different sauces than what we have at home.

I asked for a Sweet Curry sauce with Lucas’s Happy Meal to try. The sauce was sweet and smokey and quite enjoyable. All I tried it with were some of Lucas’s fries but it was really good and something I’d ask for again if I were to come across it.

a woman holding a baby and a balloon a boy sitting at a table with a balloon on his head

That wraps up our visit to McDonald’s Ireland. I was happy to see so many different items offered on the menu. Kim was even impressed by the veggie option! (I just wish there were some more Irish items like McBangers & Mash or McBeef & Guinness Pie…)

If time permitted, I would’ve liked to have stopped by one more time. There was a Happy Meal item that I’ve never seen before which I wanted Lucas to try- Fish Fingers! Maybe next time!

4 thoughts on “Check Out What We Tried at McDonald’s Ireland

  1. I had the best spicy chicken sandwich ever from a Burger King in Bangkok and a close 2nd from a McDonald’s in Macau. We love trying McD’s in other countries.

  2. We’d like going to McDonald’s at different countries too! Some of the things I want tried:

    Seaweed fries from Macau
    Got a hello Kitty happy meal in HK (they give out proper toys in HK)
    McCafe in Salzburg (yummy – their coffees are so much better)
    McChicken in the Philippines
    And finally the American McDonald’s

    People think it’s nasty but I do get a kick out of going to the various mcdonalds too!

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