Woman Buys Stranger $750 Plane Ticket for Daughter at Airport

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When flying with a child it’s definitely important to know the rules when it comes to lap baby tickets.

Kids are allowed to fly as a lap baby until they turn 2. For domestic flights there is no fee. If you’re flying international, you’ll pay taxes (which can sometimes still be quite expensive).

One man showed up at the airport and didn’t realize his daughter, who had just turned two needed a ticket. When he had purchased his plane ticket, the girl was one which led to his confusion.

He couldn’t afford to rebook the ticket or purchase one for his daughter on the spot so he left the ticket counter to figure out what to do. Then a stranger came to the rescue.

A woman near him at the counter asked what was wrong. After chatting with the dad in distress, she told the airline agent that she wanted to pay for the ticket. The agent made sure she knew that the ticket would cost $749! FOX News reports that “the woman said “that’s fine” and pulled out her credit card“.

Talk about an incredibly generous thing to do. (Or maybe the woman needed to finish the minimum spend on a new credit card offer!)

The man hugged and thanked the kind stranger and asked for her name to repay her. The woman kept saying “don’t worry about it“.

Find out more from FOX News here.

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