Would You Dine At A Poop Cafe?

poop cafe
image: screen capture from Vice.com

A couple of days back Kim sent me a link to a video that was pretty shitty funny.

When you have a 5 year-old son, lots of jokes and silly behavior are all but guaranteed to take place on a daily basis.

Lucas and I have fun making poop jokes all of the time so I found it hilarious when I watched the video about a Poop Cafe which exists in Toronto!

The video is an inside looked into Canada’s first Poop Cafe on Vice.com.

No you aren’t going to dine on/ consume poop at the cafe but it is the theme of this dessert shop serving gelato and shave-ice and it’s pretty entertaining.

There’s poop images and jokes all over and you’ll also get to eat out of “tiny toilet bowls“. One of the most fun things about the restaurant is that many of the seats are real toilet bowls (with cushions on top). Sounds like a relaxing seat to me! Oh and the hanging lights are plungers. Creative…

The bar area, where all of the food is made is designed to look like a giant toilet bowl.

The owner came up with the idea when she was in Taiwan. She saw a building with a giant toilet bowl on it. She went inside to see a restaurant with a bathroom theme.

So who’d be interested in dining at a Poop Cafe? While I’m not so sure that Kim is hoping to visit, Lucas and I want to book a flight to Toronto to check it out! Would you?

Click here to check out the Vice.com video about Toronto’s Poop Cafe.

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