NYC Subway & Bus Fares Could Be Going Up

nyc subwayRiding the NYC subway and buses might be one of the biggest bargains when visiting the big city. Although fares have risen quite a bit over the years, you can still go far with a swipe of your MetroCard.

Right now fares cost $2.75 for one swipe. There are also 7 and 30 day unlimited ride options.

If you go the single swipe route, you also get a free transfer from local bus to subway, subway to local bus or local bus to local bus within two hours of when you paid for your ride.

When you purchase your MetroCard and add $5.50 or more, you also get an 11% bonus.

While prices for rides on the NYC subway (and buses) seem fair, many people are bound to be unhappy about a proposed fare increase which could take place in March. Riding the MTA buses and trains could increase to $3.

The Daily News reports that the MTA “will recommend at 25 cent jump to the base fare at its board meeting“. Another option which was considered was to keep the fare at $2.75 while cutting the bonus mentioned above down to 5%.

Here are the proposed fare increases:

  • Single- ride paper tickets will increase from $3.00 to $3.25
  • Weekly cards will go up $1 to $32.
  • Monthly cards will increase to $121 from $116.50.

The fare increases would go into effect on March 19.

Find out more from the Daily News here.

3 thoughts on “NYC Subway & Bus Fares Could Be Going Up

  1. Hey, with Cuomo’s min wage increases, that money has to come from somewhere. I’m awaiting his announcement to run for U.S. President in 2020. ‘Nuff said —-

  2. Thanks Michael for highlighting, and you are right the subways are an amazing deal!

    Still best commuting and transportation bargain in the USA, $6 to and from work, over 38 miles in some cases. Most American spend more simply in gas per day! Gotta find that stat, but it’s like $7k a year New Yorker’s save by not owning a car. Which of course, equals out with our higher rent. 🙂

    Though, the MTA has basically told us it’s going to happen every two years, this is the 3rd odd-numbered year it’s gone up in price.

  3. Rico- I’d say with the wage increases, many could afford the higher cost…

    Derek- My big issue is, when do you increases stop! Will it eventually get to $5-$10 per ride!

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