Stupid Teen Hangs Off Moving Carnival Cruise Ship

carnival cruise
image: screen capture from YouTube

Here’s something you should definitely not attempt on your next cruise…

A teen wanted to make a viral Youtube video and decided to try an extremely dangerous stunt on a moving Carnival Cruise ship.

Inside Edition reports that “A careless teen was filmed hanging off the rails of a Carnival Cruise ship last month, sparking concern and outrage after the video hit the internet“.

The video, posted to Youtube shows the laughing teen climbing over the railing of the ship. He then drops down to a lower bar, hanging right over the fast moving, choppy water before pulling himself back up.

As the boy makes his way back to the upper railing,  you can hear the idiot and his friend  hysterically laughing.

The video was posted to Youtube by an account called tryinTo BeViral. The first comment is by the poster who wrote “comment and lets get this viral”.

Some other Youtubers commented calling the teen a moron, idiot and stupid while also pointing out how he could be dead if a big wave came up.

The video has close to 4,000 views and it’s also been featured on Inside Edition.

Check out the video here and let us know what you think about this ridiculously stupid stunt.

8 thoughts on “Stupid Teen Hangs Off Moving Carnival Cruise Ship

  1. I was on a cruise ship when someone who was drunk dived into a netted empty pool and killed himself. I didn’t see it happen but we had to make an unexpected stop to get the body off the ship.

  2. Aaron K- I did think about that and didn’t embed the video for that reason.

    AlohaDaveKennedy- Diving into a closed pool! Wow… lol I’d definitely hope that they ban these two for life.

    Scott Garanflo- LOL Good one!!!

  3. Carnival entertainment at its best! Hands down beats out their drunk passengers who dive into their closed and netted pools and their passengers we observed in a Cozumel bar too drunk to find their way back to the ship on time.

    Question: Does Carnival issue lifetime bans for fools like some airlines?

  4. And by posting this aren’t you giving this idiot EXACTLY the attention he wants? Congrats on encouraging idiots everywhere.

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