Lyft Passenger Shot, Dies From Attempted Robbery

lyft passenger

A Lyft passenger was killed after a thief opened the back door of the car, trying to rob the three passengers and driver.

The incident took place on Wednesday night in Trenton, New Jersey.

Passenger Amber Dudley, 27 years old died from gunshot wounds to her torso after being taken to Capital Health Regional Medical Center. The shooting took place around 7:10 pm and Dudley was “pronounced dead just before midnight“.

According to, “The driver for the ride-sharing service tried to speed away when the gunshot went off… the Mercer County Prosecutor’s Office said“.

The two other passengers (a man and a woman) and driver did not suffer any injuries.

The incident is being investigated to find out whether or not the shooting was random. There was no information about how long the Lyft passengers had been in the vehicle or where the car had picked them up or was going.

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