50% Off Your Next 5 Uber Rides- Targeted

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It’s been a few months since I last used Uber but the company just sent me a very interesting deal.

With the offer I can save 50% on my next 5 rides from now until the end of this month. While this sounds great of course there’s got to be more to the offer.

First thing, which is nice is that the offer has been automatically added to my account. There’s no worry about forgetting to add any promo codes etc.

This is a targeted offer and “Only for riders who directly received the offer via in-app message“.

Some details about the offer:

Uber is offering me 50% off 5 rides. The maximum savings can be up to $10 per ride. The offer is only good with uber X and uberPOOL. The most limited part of the offer is that it’s only good in New York City!

I’d like to know what Uber considers NYC to be? We live in Brooklyn which is part of NYC. Would rides in Brooklyn or any of the other boroughs count as NYC? I somehow doubt it!

The offer is good until midnight on July 31.

If I happened to be spending time in Manhattan in the upcoming week or so, then this would be a very nice offer to use.

Did you receive this targeted 50% off offer from Uber? If so, will it entice you to take some Uber rides before the month ends?

14 thoughts on “50% Off Your Next 5 Uber Rides- Targeted

  1. I’ve been getting this deal multiple times a week and I never even know until I get the notice in my email afterwards. Its great and I have no idea why its happening to me and not to my friends but its keeping me on Uber and not on Juno!

  2. I use uber everyday here in Boston to go to and from work. I have received the Promo for 50% off next 10 rides up to $10. I had this the week of Labor Day and then had 2 reg rides and then I got it again. They were both good for a week at a time. I love using uber and it is so convenient… Much better drivers than our cabs and way cheaper, so if you ever come to Boston use the subway system and Uber to get around 😉

  3. MOMO- Sounds like you saved a lot with the promo!

    Chilson- I also wonder how they decide to offer these promos.I assumed it was to entice those not using Uber to start doing so.

  4. I received 50% my next 10 uber rides (up to $15) until labor day. This was my second week in a row receiving this promotion.

  5. I am received it too. Malaysia. 3 rides 50% off till july 31st. But I didn’t save the code. I didn’t screenshoot it. Now i am taking uber and there is no discount. It doesn’t automatically get added.

    1. This happened to me as well and they are not honoring the promotion. I was supposed to receive 50% off up to 10 rides in San Diego. Does anyone happen to have a screenshot available of this?

  6. DWT- Thanks for the info!

    Easy Journeys- Definitely a great deal!

    James- Interesting and good for you! Saving some $$$ unexpectedly is always a bonus!

  7. I live in the SF Bay area, and Uber sends me either 50% off 5 rides, or $5 off 5 rides about once a month. The $5 off offers are great for getting short UberPool rides around town for free.

  8. I’ve received variations of this offer from Uber before. And yes, when they say NYC they mean all five boroughs. (Sometimes there will be Uber pool discounts during commuting hours and they’ll specify that they are only for trips that begin and end in Manhattan.)

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