American Express Card Lost, Can You Get Replacement Card Number for Immediate Use?

American Express Card

In late June I was approved for the American Express Delta Gold Business card. I’ve been working towards hitting the minimum spend required to earn the 50,000 mile bonus.

Over the weekend I was looking for my card. I didn’t bring it along on my trip to Mexico so I wanted to start using it again to complete the minimum spend.

I looked in all of the places I would store the card but it was nowhere to be found!

I like to think that I am a pretty responsible person. While I don’t want to jinx myself, I’ve never lost keys, a wallet, anything valuable or even a credit card! But now it seemed that I had.

After exhausting all options during my search, I decided it was best to stop looking. It appeared that I had either misplaced the card or lost it. Oh no!

I called in to American Express and told them that I had misplaced my card and it was best that they close the card to be safe and issue me a new one. This process took around 15-20 minutes. I was the told that I’d have the card in a few days and the last 4 digits would be changed.

I was considering booking a Delta flight and figured it would be a good time to use the card to trigger the $50 statement credit. I doubted it would be possible, but I asked the Amex rep if there was a way to get my new credit card # info so I could make a purchase.

The rep said she never had that request and didn’t believe it was possible but she’d look into it. I waited on hold for a few minutes and she then came back on the line, telling me there was good and bad news…

The Bad: It wouldn’t be possible to get the card number since she said that they did not know it. Oh well, still worth a shot! (It also turned out the flight deal had expired anyways.)

The Good: For my inconvenience I was offered 500 miles!

While 500 miles isn’t going to get me far, I’ll still take it. It was nice to see American Express offer this small gesture for my mistake.

2 thoughts on “American Express Card Lost, Can You Get Replacement Card Number for Immediate Use?

  1. You could have asked for it to be overnighted and they probably would have done that.

    And how did it take 15-20 minutes? You can do it online usually

  2. Daniel- There was no offer to overnight it when I asked about getting the card # and info right away. I also didn’t need it overnighted since I was flying the following morning…

    I didn’t try to do this online since I called to ask about getting the card # right away! As for 15-20 minutes- let’s see. Call, input info, security questions, explain request, put on hold a couple times etc…

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