Singer Lorde Tweets About Funny Uber Ride

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There’s been lots of stories about Uber drivers doing things which aren’t very nice like charging a customer for fake vomit in the car, getting arrested for injuring a service dog, and getting accused of rape.

Here’s a story a bit different from the usual ones about Uber drivers and it’s due to a bunch of tweets from Grammy Award winning singer Lorde.

Lorde has some big songs that I could identify if they were to play on the radio but if I was to see her out in public, I highly doubt that I’d have a clue who she is. The same could be said of Lorde’s Uber driver who was star-struck but not due to her being in the car.

I came across these tweets by accident. While on Twitter I somehow clicked on the Moments button at the top. While there, I scrolled down a bit, curious to see what was on this part of Twitter and came across a story,  “Lorde shares hilarious story about her Uber ride“.

Here are some of the tweets:

  • “Uber driver currently busting a nut about the fact that there was a ‘celebrity passenger’ just before me.
  • i can tell our ride, by comparison, sparkles significantly less for him.
  • i can feel it from the back seat, his dazed glow. he’s probably now pretending that i am not here, that they are still together, and alone.”

Then another singer chimed in, Ellie Goulding:

  • “Mine said he had someone from Ellie Gouldings band in earlier. But didn’t like her music soooo.

Lorde responded:

  • I just winced.

Fans also got involved, telling the singer things like to stop tweeting so she could finish her new album and to tell the driver about her #1 single…

Good stuff from Lorde and it seems that she got some amusement from the Uber driver’s behavior. I’d just like to know who the celebrity was that he busted his nut about!

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