Passenger Throws Water on Flight Attendants

Flight Attendant
image: Yahoo

An angry passenger decided to throw water on a couple of flight attendants during a flight and ended up being put in jail.

When I saw the headline for this story it immediately made me wonder what a FA could do to cause somebody to react by throwing water!

The passenger,  Shen got mad when a flight attendant allegedly spilled juice on him during a China Southern Airlines flight CZ323, which took off from Beijing.

While this story isn’t what I’d consider funny, I did find it quite amusing that the passenger had the nerve to ask “for a written apology from staff before throwing the water,” according to Yahoo News.

The article mentions that photos of the soaked flight attendants have been making their rounds online.

The incident occurred as the flight attendants were pushing the food cart down the narrow aisle while serving drinks. After one of them accidentally spilled juice on Shen, they immediately apologized and offered him napkins to clean up.

After picking up and thrown a bunch of cups of water at the FAs, other crew members subdued the man. They alerted the police and he was arrested upon landing at Baiyun International Airport in Guangzhou.

In the end, Shen received three days in administrative detention.

Find out more from Yahoo here.

3 thoughts on “Passenger Throws Water on Flight Attendants

  1. the police should make him write a written apology to the FA and make him read it out loud in front of bunch of TV cameras.

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