Clothing Arts, Makers of Best Travel Pants on Kickstarter w/ Exciting New Product!

Clothing Arts

In the middle of 2014 I reviewed a product that I’d consider to be the best travel pants ever. The pants that I am talking about are made by Clothing Arts and are called the Pick Pocket Proof Adventure Travel Pants.

These pants go on every trip that we take. If I’m not wearing them, then odds are pretty high that I’m wearing (in warmer weather) a pair of Clothing Arts shorts. (I prefer their Adventure Travel Shorts but the Business Travel Shorts are an excellent choice too.)

When I found out that the company had an exciting, new product available on Kickstarter, I couldn’t wait to take a look.

Clothing Arts launched their new waterproof jacket called the Cubed Travel Jacket and there’s a lot to like from what I’ve seen so far.

When I received some info from Clothing Arts founder Adam Rapp about the Kickstarter campaign, it was already 90% funded (and that happened in less than a week)!

The description of the jacket sounded like it could make for the perfect travel jacket. It’s waterproof, windproof and breathable. It also has lots of secure pockets to keep your valuables safe. I also forgot to mention that it also has a removable hood!

Clothing Arts
Exterior features

The coolest feature in my opinion is the patent-pending Napoleon pockets, located on the chest. My first thought was Napoleon what? Turns out the feature is pretty smart. This innovative design allows you to access the pocket from both inside or outside the jacket.

Clothing Arts has created six interior pockets without having any front seam on the jacket. This was done by lining the inside with mesh. You can probably forget about any water ever getting into those pockets.

Clothing Arts
interior features

The bottom four interior pockets are extra secure due to the patent-pending clip closures on the zippers.

This jacket, like the rest of the Clothing Arts collection is Pick Pocket Proof!

I almost forgot to mention The Cubed Travel Jacket happens to also look great.

Get your jacket:

The Cubed Travel Jacket is currently available on Kickstarter.

While Clothing Arts have already reached their goal of $50,000 and are fully funded, they’re looking to go past that number.

Jackets are available for purchase at various discounts below retail price on Kickstarter. Clothing Arts will ship anywhere in the world and expected delivery is in September 2016.

Find out more about the new Cubed Travel Jacket on Kickstarter here.

2 thoughts on “Clothing Arts, Makers of Best Travel Pants on Kickstarter w/ Exciting New Product!

  1. Looks like a useful jacket, but even their Kickstarter prices are well above what they should be charging in the retail market. You can get a high-quality jacket with similar specs for less than this. If they think they can retail this jacket for $440, I think they are fooling themselves. Even the lowest early-bird of $280 is well beyond what the jacket should be retailing for.

  2. Jay- Jackets do come in all different price ranges and this is definitely on the higher-end. I guess Clothing Arts will see if they priced it correctly or not once the Kickstarter campaign ends and it then becomes available on their site.

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