Passenger Spits At Flight Crew During Air New Zealand Flight

Flight Crew
image: Aero Shots

Yesterday I wrote about how a passenger threw water on flight attendants during a China Southern Airlines flight.

Later yesterday evening I came across yet another story of an airline passenger behaving badly during a flight. (This time doing something that I’d consider much worse than throwing water…)

@JohnnyJet tweeted an article from with the title, “‘Hangry’ passenger on Air New Zealand flight to Shanghai spat at crew“.

First thoughts- ill and what the hell is wrong with people these days???

So what could possibly have caused a passenger to spit at the flight crew? The passenger was upset that they didn’t have the meal choice that she wanted.

Air New Zealand Flight NZ280 was flying to Shanghai when he female passenger “scratched, spat and grabbed at flight crew when she was told they didn’t have her preferred meal option,” according to Stuff.

The police met the plane upon arrival and the spitter tried to hide as they boarded the plane.

Another passenger said that the airline did a good job in dealing with the situation.

Find out more here.

2 thoughts on “Passenger Spits At Flight Crew During Air New Zealand Flight

  1. What’s so difficult to understand? People can’t cope with all the negative news like terrorist attacks, economic instability, shrinking space in economy sections of planes, lousy customer service, and the list goes on.

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