Gross! Man Pees On Floor During American Airlines Flight

American Airlines
image: Charlotte Observer

Drinking and flying just doesn’t mix for some people.

A few months back a drunk woman tried to open the door on a British Airways flight. A couple of summers back, two drunk woman caused a plane to have to turn back. Last summer, a passenger was beaten and restrained during a flight.

A couple of days back a drunk man was arrested once his American Airlines flight landed for a pretty nasty reason.

During a flight from San Francisco to Charlotte, passenger Jordan Gardner decided to pull his pants down and pee on the floor of the plane. The Charlotte Observer reported this info according to an FBI affidavit.

Gardner is currently “being detained in Mecklenburg County Jail pending a hearing on Thursday. He faces a criminal complaint of destruction of aircraft, according to court documents“.

The passenger sitting next to Garner called over a flight attendant who saw him pulling up his pants up. The FA then sent Gardner to the bathroom! After 15 minutes, Gardner had still not left the bathroom. When the FA opened the door, she found him lying on the floor.

Gardner told the police that he had two shots of vodka at San Francisco Airport before the flight.

Here’s the best part:

Police said “they could still smell the alcohol on his breath 11 hours after the flight took off“.

The excuse:

Gardener says the smell “may have been caused by the gum he was chewing.” I’d love to know what brand gum he buys…

Gardner is no stranger to having trouble with the law. He has a criminal history spanning multiple states.

Find out more from the Charlotte Observer here.

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    Veejay- I post all different interesting things. (well at least I think they are.) As for what I’m known for- never really thought about it in that way.

  2. Who are you to judge? Maybe this person simply self identifies as a dog who is not yet housebroken.

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