New Pocket-Sized Michelin Map & Guide Travel Series Available

michelin map

I’ve mentioned many times in the past that I still like to bring guidebooks on trips. While they might be a bit bulky, I still like flipping through the pages. I also do a lot of research online.

I typically go with Lonely Planet when I need a guidebook. However, I just came across a new series which sounds very interesting. A new pocket-sized Michelin Map & Guide travel book series just arrived in stores!

When I think of Michelin Guides, I think of dining and Michelin-starred restaurants.

They also put out quite a few travel titles including their new Michelin Map & Guides series!

The new series sounds very interesting since the guides are pocket-sized and come in at just 25 pages per destination. The first series has guidebooks for Barcelona, London, New York, Paris, Rome and Venice.

The new guidebooks “are designed to help people quickly pinpoint their locations at their destination cities and discover the best attractions in the vicinity,” according to a press release I received.

It sounds like the books include lots of valuable info, included in a small package. The books are organized by neighborhood and includes easy to read maps. The guides also suggest “must-see attractions, Michelin travel-editors’ favorites, notable restaurants, cafes and bars, shopping and nightlife“. Places to take a short break are also included.

The new Michelin Map & Guide series is now on sale for a suggested retail price of$9.95 per edition.

While I’ve been to every city that Michelin is putting a Map & Guide book out for, I would still like to check out a copy. The series sounds like a good option if you’re paying a short visit to one of the cities they cover (and at a reasonable price).

Michelin offered to send me a Map & Guide book or two to see for myself. Once they arrive, I’ll share my thoughts about the series in a future post.

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