Uber International Service Recently Launched

Uber International

Uber has been a very popular service for many as an alternative to taking traditional taxis.

With the company operating in many cities and countries around the world it was inevitable that Uber international service would be offered…. And now it is with UberPASSPORT!

UberPASSPORT will offer rides from the United States to Mexico.

You can now take an Uber from San Diego to Tijuana but you won’t be able to take it back, at least not at the moment. (For now, you can catch a ride to the border and walk across. Once back in the US you can request an Uber.)

UberPASSPORT is a bit pricier than regular rides.

According to CN Traveler, you’ll pay “$4, plus $0.30 per minute and $2.35 per mile. There is a $20 border crossing fee for passengers, and riders must bring all of their required documentation to cross the border, including a U.S. passport“.

I think that this is a pretty interesting offering from Uber. I wonder if UberPASSPORT could expand at some point to the US/ Canada and other destinations with close borders.

Find out more from Conde Naste Traveler here.

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2 thoughts on “Uber International Service Recently Launched

  1. Interesting! Rides across the Canada-US border would certainly be too, potentially for those who commute across the border for work.
    This isn’t the first place they are offering cross-border rides though, they already have this service to go from Bahrain to Saudi Arabia and vice-versa. I think they just don’t call it UberPassport.

  2. Hari- The Bahrain- Saudi Arabia service sounds pretty interesting! Last summer I was hoping to drive across the King Faud Causeway but there wasn’t enough time. I also wouldn’t have been able to get into Saudi Arabia!

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