An E-Mail I Was Happy To Receive from Barclaycard JetBlue

Barclaycard JetBlue

With 2016 being around 1/4 of the way in, it’s time to start earning some miles and points from credit cards. To date I’ve only earned 25,000 miles from the Alaska Air card.

I’ve been hoping for a big offer to come out, but there hasn’t been many credit cards to get overly excited about. I recently had reconsideration line success for the Chase United card. When I complete the required spend, that will be another 50,000 United miles! (I’ll get 5K more for adding an authorized user.)

This brings me to a new card which recently came out, the Barclaycard JetBlue line of products. (There are three versions of the card.)

I’ve been wanting to build up the Michael W Travels TrueBlue Family account for a while now due to JetBlue offering some pretty good flight options. I recently wondered what I should do with 100K Amex points. I decided to buy a little extra time by paying the fee. Once you pay the annual fee, you can call back within 60 days to get it refunded. Since writing about what I did with my Amex points, I have gone on to close the account.

Kim was a recent card holder of the American Express JetBlue card. When she was informed that the card would be transferred over the new Barclaycard version, I wasn’t happy! Kim closed the Amex card in hope of getting a bonus for the new Barclaycard JetBlue credit card.

With the Amex closed, the JetBlue Barclaycard was delivered. We wondered if there was still hope for the sign-up bonus.

Our plan was to wait on applying for a new card for Kim, but I applied for the Barclaycard JetBlue right away.

The Plus version of the card offers a 30,000 points bonus after spending $1,000 in the first 90 days.

Soon after I applied for the card I received a message that my application was received and the request was pending. Once my information was reviewed, I’d receive an answer within 10 days.

This didn’t look good and I had a bad feeling about this. I definitely expected to be declined due to having too many credit cards etc….

Well I woke up over the weekend to an e-mail from JetBlue Plus with the subject:

Congratulations, you’ve been approved!

That’s just the kind of message I was hoping to receive! Now I’m hoping that Kim can get approved for the card in the future and earn the sign-up bonus!

Have you applied for one of the new JetBlue credit cards? If so, did you get approved?

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