Forget Lap Baby- Woman Hides Baby in Bag on Air France Flight

Air France flight
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Flying with a baby/child can add a substantial expense when traveling. To save before Lucas turned 2, he flew as a lap baby. On domestic flights, there was no additional fee. For international flights, we had to pay taxes which could get quite pricey when flying in premium cabins.

One woman thought of a new yet crazy way to bring a baby onboard without buying any sort of ticket or paying any fees but it might just cost her in the end.

In what most of us would probably consider a bizarre story “a baby was discovered hiding in a woman’s hand luggage on a flight” according to The Mirror.

On an Air France flight from Istanbul to Paris passengers and crew were beyond surprised when they saw a woman’s luggage moving. Inside they found a one-year-old child.

The story mentions that the child did not have a ticket. This has got to make you wonder how in the world the woman got past security screenings with a baby hidden in her bag! Is security that lax in Istanbul that you can just go through with a human being in a bag?


A passenger saw the bag moving half way through the flight and then brought it to the attention of the crew. The woman and baby were brought to the front of the plane.

Other passengers on the flight were described as “very shocked” with the crew making an announcement to “reassure passengers“.

Air France requested that the flight be met by French authorities upon arrival. They are also fully cooperating with the investigation.

Initially I thought that this was a situation of a parent trying to save some money on the flight. However, the woman was never described as the child’s mother. Was the baby kidnapped? It certainly appears that something extremely odd is going on here…

Find out more from The Mirror here.

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