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Does you ever feel that you go away on a trip to a fascinating place, take tons of photos and then they just sit around collecting virtual dust on your computer’s hard drive?

There was a time (pre-blog) that I used to make photo books after of our trips. This was a great and interesting way to show my photos to people. The problem is that photo books take what seems like forever to make.

I had intended on sharing more photos of my travels here at Michael W Travels but you can only put some many in a post. (I’ve also been slacking off on trip reports which seem to take so much time to write.)

I came up with a new solution to accomplish a couple of things.

follow me on instagram
Trinidad, Cuba

Instagram debuted in October 2010 so its been around for close to six years. I didn’t and still don’t fully get how the site works but it definitely seems like a great way to share more photos.

I’ve been trying to add photos to my account from a wide variety of trips recently and it’s been a lot of fun.

Not only am I getting to share some of my favorite photos, it’s been even more fun due to the fact that I’ve been going through files from lots of old trips. It’s been amazing jogging my memory about so many different travel experiences that we’ve had over the years.

follow me on instagram
Bagan, Myanmar (Burma)

To date I’ve mainly shared photos from more recent trips. (All of the photos in this post are from trips taken over the past year.) However, I’ve also posted some photos from older trips with many more to come.

I hope that you’ll come along on this photo-journey by following me- @michaelwtravels on Instagram.

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