Travel Photos You Need To Stop Taking?

Travel Photos
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There are certain kinds of travel photos that I like to take during trips.

A type of photo that I still take during trips but have been posting much less about are Jumping Pics. I also like to take food photos both at home and while traveling.

Smarter Travel came up with a slideshow of “11 Travel Photos You Should Stop Taking Right Now”.

I was curious to see what made the cut. Let’s take a look.

  1. Train Tracks
  2. Getting Handy with Landmarks
  3. Food
  4. Jumping
  5. Belongings From Above
  6. Feet
  7. The Lone Ice Cream Cone
  8. Abandoned Buildings
  9. Heart-Framed Shots
  10. Unnecessary Props
  11. Selfie Sticks

While looking over the list, I have to say that I’ve been guilty of taking some of these types of photos and no, I don’t plan to stop.

I find food photos to be interesting and will continue to take them both at home and while traveling. Jumping pics are always fun and cause many smiles. I see no need to stop taking these interesting and funny photos.

The only other kinds of photos I’ve taken in the past from the list (while not frequently) are those with feet in them- usually on the beach and in abandoned buildings if we happen to visit them.

Otherwise, I’d agree that it’s time for people to retire the selfie-stick. I find them quit annoying and others using them have ruined our photos at times. I’m glad that many places have already banned selfie sticks.

Find out more in the Smarter Travel slideshow here.

4 thoughts on “Travel Photos You Need To Stop Taking?

  1. Patrick- Right.

    Rick B- They can be interesting at times though!

    Nico- The problem with selfie sticks is when people stick them up and they ruin your photos, damage things etc…

  2. I really don’t get nearly as worked up about selfie sticks as everyone else. I think it’s just cool to hate them, so everyone jumps on the bandwagon. They don’t harm/bother me any more than someone wearing plaid with stripes…. What do I care? Live and let live.

  3. I’ll add to that the toothless granny selling stuff on a side of the street in some (semi) 3rd world country. Enough!

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