Great News For Families Flying United

Flying United
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Lucas recently turned four years old and he’s already visited 30 countries.

During his travels, he’s flown over 192,000 miles and 120 segments on 29 carriers.

When you’re flying with an infant or a toddler, it definitely makes things easier when the airline lets you board early… This has usually been the case for us but a couple of airlines stand out as they don’t have this policy.

However, now one of the airlines is changing their policies and getting a bit more family-friendly!

The two airlines that have stood out in a negative way when it comes to letting families with kids board early are United and Air Berlin.

When you’re flying with an infant or toddler, it definitely takes a bit longer to put your things away and get settled. I can’t see why a select group of airlines feel it isn’t a good move to get the families on early, thus getting them seated and out of the aisles.

Well now apparently United feels that it is a good idea to let families board early, ending four years of unfriendly skies for them.

Kim sent me an article from the AP sharing this great news.

United’s family-friendly policy goes into effect on February 15 but it only applies to families flying with children age two and under.

This is a move in the right direction for United but why not extend early boarding to include kids under 3 or 4? Maybe 5? When we fly, we always get to board early with Lucas (unless it’s with the two airlines mentioned above.)

Either way, I’m glad to see United changing its rules to help speed up boarding and make it easier on families flying with young kids.

Find out more from the AP here.

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