Donald Trump’s Plane Makes Emergency Landing

Donald Trumps Plane

In early 2015 I wrote about Private Jets of the Rich & Famous. One of the planes included in the list was Donald Trump’s.

Then I wondered what was better, the Donald Trump Plane or Air Force One? It was determined by the Washington Post that Trump’s plane was better.

But is it safe?

The presidential candidate’s $95,000,000+ plane had to make an emergency landing at Nashville International Airport this past Wednesday. (The airport even welcomed Trump to the airport in a tweet!)

Donald Trump was on his way to Little Rock, Arkansas when the plane experienced engine trouble, needing to be diverted (to Nashville). A source told CBS News that “The pilot declared an emergency but didn’t ask for assistance“.

The Federal Aviation Administration plans to investigate.

Trump was on the plane when the engine problems took place. He got on another plane soon after landing in Nashville.

Find out more from CBS News here.

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