11 More IHG Priceless Surprises E-Mails Arrive!

IHG Priceless Surprises

It was a little over a week ago that I last received some e-mails with IHG Priceless Surprises entries.

To date, I’ve earned 36,500 points (26,500 points have posted to my account) from entries mailed in for the promo. If you’re unfamiliar with IHG Priceless Surprises, find out about it from Deals We Like here.

Yesterday I was happy to receive 11 more prize e-mails. What did I win?

Check out some IHG Priceless Surprises posts:

I was looking forward to seeing what I won in the latest installment of entries but didn’t really expect to win much more than the minimum 500 point prizes.

The prizes are grouped into three categories and there are limits on how many prizes you can win (besides the minimum prize associated with Group C). Group A includes prizes like trips, gift cards, 1 million IHG points and more. You can win one prize from this group. You can win up to 5 Group B prizes. Those range in value from 1,000-5,000 points. You can win up to five prizes from this group.

Since I’ve already won 4 Group B prizes, I was only left with the opportunity to win a Group A prize, one final Group B prize and of course the Group C minimum prize of 500 points.

Here is what I won: I ended up winning 10 prizes from Group C (500 points each) and my last Group B prize. I was excited to win my final B prize, too bad it was for 1,000 points and not 5,000!

I won 6,000 more IHG points from the latest round of entries.

I’ve now received 72 prize entries and have on a total of 42,500 IHG points.

At this point, I’m waiting on 8 more prize e-mails and need to mail out my final 14 entries.

Did you receive anymore IHG Priceless Surprises entries? If so, how did you do?

26 thoughts on “11 More IHG Priceless Surprises E-Mails Arrive!

  1. Rich T- Good Luck!

    JAXBA- Very nice!

    Nicole- The minimum is 500 points. Not sure why you didn’t earn any points but you should be able to refresh & replay the prize links.

    Kevin- I’ve also wondered if the prizes were preset. I’d go ahead and play the other 4 entries. I think you can even refresh them to win prizes from your two”duds”!

    1. Looks like IHG followed up on the two dud entries. Was credited 500 points and said it was a mistake on their part. Opened up the other 4 entries and all were 500 points as well. So 6/6 so far.

  2. I just opened two entries that I received this morning and I didn’t win anything on either. I’m in Costa Rica could that have anything to do with it? I thought minimum was 500 points per entry?

    1. I wonder if these win/lose entries are “pre-set” already. I received 6 emails last night after mailing 5 entries in mid December and the rest earlier this month.

      The first 2 email I selected and clicked on a floor level, I got duds immediately. I thought the main reason you win nothing is when you maxed out the limit from either Group A or B and won it again. Since these are my very first two entries, I expected to win at least something on the first try.

      Debating whether I should open the 4 other entries or hold off to see what others report.

  3. Carl P- Interesting! Others have suggested playing the links up to the amount of entries your are owed but I haven’t heard of only receiving one e-mail. Glad to hear that your points also posted.

    JAXBA- So you got more entries for the promo that you actually sent for? That is pretty strange.

    Rich T- I haven’t heard of this problem before. Were you still able to select from the other #s?

  4. My first 5 contest entries came but they had the 3 and 4 buttons on the elevator blocked by IHG property logos so I couldn’t select them. I am on a Mac but tried 3 different browsers with same result. Anyone else experience this?

  5. I sent 5 test entries mid-November at the start of the promo.

    I’ve received 7 emails (?) and won 6x 500 (posted) and 1x 1000 (pending).

    The 7 emails arrived as 5 in December, 1 last week, 1 today. Of the first 5, one didn’t win anything but I was still able to use the link to try again and win 500.

    My only IHG stay during the promo was one reward night in December…

  6. kj – Last night I got the recent email for my stay last Thursday night. At least I assume it was for the stay since I always did mailings in batches and I could only play the link once. I don’t think the email for stay looks any different than that for the mail-in.

  7. FYI

    I mailed first batch 11/27. I received an email (just one) on 1/6. I was able to play the link 35 times, which is about what I was due (and never did see the other emails). I received the points on account on 1/11. So about 5 weeks to get email and another week to get points.

  8. zak- That’s only two weeks ago. I’d give it some time.

    Aaron- Most people are getting e-mails within 6 weeks since they are backed up with entries. I’d wait a little longer.

    Dan- WOW! You’re off to a great start. Congrats!

    Stacy- Hopefully soon you’ll get some entries.

    Stephanie- I sent most out within the first few days the promo opened.

    Blake- I’ve read that printing the envelope was ok. I hand wrote everything that I submitted.

    AlohaDaveKennedy- That is good to hear! Care to share what A prizes you won???

    kj- I’ve heard a few times that entries for stays never came through. I’d think those would be the first ones to get sent out. I hope you get your entries!

    beth- You’re really not waiting that long. I wouldn’t worry about it quite yet.

    Juno- How you won some good prizes!

    Marjorie- I hand wrote everything. I have read that printing envelopes was allowed.

  9. Did any of you lucky recipients send your _ENVELOPES_ MACHINE PRINTED or were they all hand printed? (I know we have to HAND PRINT the internal cards…) Thanks for the feedback!

  10. I sent out my first 10 entries in the first week of December and just finally received 5 emails yesterday. From what others are saying it is taking 5 to 6 weeks to get a response.

  11. I actually did stays in Nov and have never received anything and have called,emailed etc also sent in cards and nothing…….so I guess you are lucky !! As a spire member this has actually put me off staying more with IHG …….something like feeling like getting screwed over ……and they had 2 promotions running at the same time which we are still not fully credited for…….maybe they should stick to one thing !!!

  12. Reporting that those ABC winning rules are not hard and fast. Over here we have won 2 A’s in one family account while another has not won any A’s.

  13. Glad to see them coming through! Did you happen to know if printing the envelope information is OK, while still hand writing the 3×5 card?

  14. I’m curious when people sent out their entries.
    I sent five out the first week of December
    ten out christmas week
    and five more last week
    and have not received any emails yet. Very frustrating.

    1. I mailed in all 94 entries Nov 30 and got my first 31 emails yesterday – with 2x 5000, 2x 2000, and 1000 points among the rest of the 500 points!

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