Delta Airlines Sending $50 Gift Cards By Mistake?

Last night my brother Corey forwarded me an e-mail that he received from Delta Airlines Customer Care.

The message was a bit odd. Delta thanked him for reaching out, even saying how sorry they were for letting him down on the trip. They even offered him a gift!

The strange thing is that he hasn’t flown Delta in quite some time and hadn’t contacted Delta in years!

The last time Corey flew Delta was in September 2013. So why was Delta contacting him?

Did they mean to reach out to another Corey W? I’d find it a bit unlikely considering they sent the message to his e-mail and even included his middle initial when addressing him.

For Corey’s non-troubles he got a nice little bonus. In Delta’s e-mail there was a blue “select gift” link. He went to the page through the link to see a variety of different gift card options.

Besides choosing a Delta Airlines gift card, he could choose from an assortment of others. He selected a $50 Amazon card. Definitely a nice little gift from Delta for Corey’s non-trip!

Since it sounded like a mistake, the best bet was to claim the prize immediately and see what happened later. Corey claimed his gift, a $50 Amazon gift card and a code arrived in an e-mail soon after. He then added the code which immediately added $50 to his Amazon account!

A few hours after selecting his gift, Corey received one last e-mail from Delta. They asked him to take a short survey about how they did handling the problem.

Overall, this was a strange situation. In fact Corey almost didn’t even open the e-mail since he thought it might be spam. Luckily he checked it out and now has $50 to spend on Amazon! If only he knew why he received it!

Have any of you received a similar apology e-mail from Delta recently offering a gift?

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