Warning Issued by US Embassy for Bahamas Travel

US Embassy
image: wikimedia commons

I wouldn’t really think of the Bahamas as a place to expect a warning from the US embassy to be issued for.

However, that’s what happened for crimes committed on… jet skis. 

According to the AP, “A crime warning issued Tuesday by the U.S. Embassy in the Bahamas has singled out operators of personal watercraft or jet skis“.

The warning was issued after an American citizen was sexually assaulted by a man riding a jet ski at Cabbage Beach. A 26 year old man was taken into custody by the Royal Bahamas Police.

The scary thing is that this isn’t an isolated incident. Since July, “there has been five sexual assaults of US citizens by jet-ski operators in Nassau“.

The embassy has since banned staff from renting from jet-ski rental companies and recommends that US citizens don’t either.

If you’re planning to visit the Bahamas, I’d think twice before renting out a jet-ski.

Find out more from the AP here.

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