Warning: Uber Surge Pricing on Halloween

uber surge pricing

There’s been lots written about the horrors of high prices associated with Uber’s Surge Pricing and many people feel strongly whether it’s for or against it.

With today being a big holiday- Halloween, Uber sent out a warning. The warning was to let us know that Surge Pricing is most likely to kick in tonight when demand is high.

Uber was nice enough to send out this message with some important info and an idea on how to save money on rides.

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So basically the way it works is that when demand is high, Surge Pricing kicks in and prices go up. The purpose of this is to get more drivers on the road to meet this demand.

Uber has already told us that demand should be high on Halloween and rides will be pricier than usual. They also mentioned an idea on a way we can save .

uber surge pricing

Uber is predicting that demand will be greatest between 10pm-4am.

A way we can save on Uber rides during peek times is by requesting uberPOOL. By doing so you’ll share the ride and split the costs. Sounds like a win-win for both parties although it might take you a little longer to get home!

So this is just a Halloween warning.

If you’re planning to use Uber tonight, keep in mind that you might be paying a much higher price for that ride. I don’t know about you but paying Surge Pricing sounds like it could be scary and spooky…

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