Flight Diverted After 9/11 Rant

Flight Diverted

I came across a story of a plane being diverted for a pretty scary reason.

An American Airlines flight heading from Los Angeles to Philadelphia had to be diverted to Phoenix due to an unruly passenger. The passenger didn’t hurt anyone but he did make some comments about the government and a rather touchy subject, 9/11.

According to Today.com the man is not under arrest. Instead, he’s getting psychiatric care since he refused to take his seat and made the anti-government and September 11 rant.

Here’s what happened:

Soon after takeoff, the man went up to first class. While there he stood at attention, military style refusing to take his seat.

According to Today.com, “A passenger, Chip Yates called in and said “He was angry, swearing and talking about the government was after him and he’s mad at the government and he’s got plans…

Yates and a couple of other passengers restrained the man but soon after he jumped out of his seat, talking to the coach class passengers. The passengers and three flight attendants caught the man and then tied him to the seat.

An exclusive video from TMZ shows the unruly passenger being removed from the plane.

Passenger Chip Yates said, “We didn’t have to drop him on the floor or anything like that. When he saw the overwhelming force of all these guys closing in on him, he said “okay, okay, okay”and he sat down“.

After being removed from the plane, the passneger was “transported to a psychiatric facility for evaluation“.

Luckily the other passengers didn’t have to spend the night in Phoenix. The plane was refuled and allowed to then continue on to Philly.

Find out more and check out the Today.com video here.

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