Smartphone Causes Plane To Make Emergency Landing

Flight Delays
Image: Aero Shots

Flight delays happen for many different reasons. This has got to be one of the strangest reasons that I’ve ever heard of…

(I came across the story due to a tweet from @JohnnyJet.)

A British Airways plane carrying around 200 passengers had to make an “unscheduled landing” in Siberia due to a passenger but it wasn’t due to bad behavior.

The passenger’s mobile phone overheated!

The plane was flying from Incheon International Airport (Seoul, Korea) to London Heathrow Airport. It had to divert to Irkutsk, Russia when the cabin detected smoke on the Boeing 787-800 Dreamliner

The plane was just “a few hours into the 11 hour journey when the faulty smartphone caused alarm” according to the Mail Online.

Luckily the plane stayed in Irkutsk for just 2.5 hours and no passengers had to sleep on the floor, or had to sleep in military barracks!

Find out more from the Mail Online here.

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