Airbnb Partners With Lux Car Company

Airbnb Partners

Airbnb and Tesla would seem to have little in common with each other.

Tesla sells high-end luxury rechargeable cars while Airbnb is the go to site to list your place to rent or find someone’s place to rent.

So how are the two companies “building a world with no limits to how far you can travel and how you get there“?

Well, it’s actually pretty interesting…

At the moment there are a limited amount of places where a Tesla owner can get their car’s battery charged, thus limiting the distance they can travel.

Enter Airbnb…

Airbnb will be “giving Tesla owners more destinations on the openroad” by “bringing charging stations to select homes across the globe“.

Airbnb Partners

Charging stations will first be added to homes along the California coast at select Airbnb locations.

Here is how this new partnership works:

Tesla will be providing the chargers free of charge to qualifying Airbnb hosts but the hosts will be responsible for the cost to install them. If an Airbnb host already happens to have a Tesla charger, they can contact Airbnb to get added to the list of Tesla-ready properties. (There are currently only 12 properties showing.)

How could Airbnbs having chargers help?

Tesla’s destination charging stations add 58 miles of range per hour, charging the Model S’s full 270 miles range in just a few hours” according to Airbnb.

I think that this new Airbnb partnership (so to speak) with Tesla is a great idea.

I just wonder how many Tesla drivers are really staying at Airbnbs? My guess would be, probably not so many. Maybe Airbnb could start offering Tesla charges for people not renting rooms. Let them leave the car for 3-4 hours to charge and then come back when it’s all done.

Find out more about the new Airbnb and Tesla partnership here.

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  1. It’s great to see Airbnb bridging together cultures, communities, and now…bridges. A giant and inspiring step towards total connectivity, once again.

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