Classic Burgers at the All-American Driver-In

All American Drive In

It’s definitely no secret that burgers are one of my favorite foods.

I recently wrote about Eater’s 21 Must-East & Best Burgers in America.

At the time of writing, I had tried burgers at 7 of the places that made the list. With the most recent one being at The General Muir.

There was one place, not too far from home which I’d been wanting to try for quite some time, the All American Drive-In.

The All-American is grouped with “The Classics” on Eater’s list and I couldn’t wait to give it a try.

The restaurant is located in Massapequa on busy Merrick Road. It opened in 1963.

I had passed by the drive-in on the way to a friend’s wedding about a year back. From what we could tell, the restaurant  was packed on the Saturday night. There was no chance that we were stopping in for a burger in the hot weather, especially since we were dressed up for the special occasion.

The visit would have to wait until now.

All-American Driver-In

I had come to try one thing at the All American Drive-In- their burgers. But they also offer hot dogs, grilled cheese (a bargain at just .90¢), tuna (weird), fish filet, butterfly shrimp and thick shakes.

Burgers come in three sizes- single, double and quarter pounder.

Eater describes the burgers as “If you ever wondered what McDonald’s tasted like in the earliest days when it was just a simple burger stand, before Big Mac’s and the adoption of frozen beef, All American Drive-In has your answer“.

(While I wouldn’t rate McD’s as one of my favorite burgers, I do like to stop in while traveling to new countries to see what kind of interesting menu items might be offered.)

All-American Driver-In

What did we order?

Kim ordered a cheeseburger, I ordered a Double-Double which is All-American’s name for a double cheeseburger and we shared a thick chocolate shake and fries. Since Lucas was sleeping, we ordered him a grilled cheese after we finished eating.

All-American Driver-In Classic Burgers at the All-American Driver-In

The burgers looked pretty much the same except that my burger had two patties.

Kim’s burger came in the paper packet and my double arrived in the foil one. You can kind of see the size difference in the photos above.

All-American Driver-In

All-American Driver-In

All American’s burgers are thin patties cooked to what I’d consider medium, maybe a bit more but not quite well-done. Although the burgers are thin, they still pack a lot of flavor. A big contributor to the taste are the onions that the patties are cooked with.

While I really did enjoy the Double Double, I’m not sure that I’d place it on a best burgers list for the food in itself. I’m not saying that the burger wasn’t really enjoyable but I wouldn’t consider it to be on the level of other favorites that I’ve had.

I think when you factor in the nostalgic feeling with the solid food and bargain prices, it makes for an over-all really great experience.

A Double Double will set you back just $2.85 with cheeseburgers costing $1.50.

I’d definitely like to try out the All American Drive-In again in the future. Hopefully I’ll be a bit hungrier during our next visit. I’m thinking that I need to try their quarter pounder with cheese next time!

Find out more about the All American Drive-In here.

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