Earn 300 AA Business Extra Points For A Car Rental

AA Business Extra 

I received an e-mail from American Airline’s AA Business Extra program about an easy way to earn 300 bonus points on my next car rental with Budget.

While 300 AA miles might not sound like much (they aren’t), 300 AA Business Extra points are a decent amount. If you don’t have points in your account, 300 points is enough to get one Admiral’s Club Day Pass.

To qualify for the bonus you’ll need to sign up for the Budget Business program from now until August 30, 2015.

Once you join, you can earn:

  • 300 bonus points for “your first rental in the first 90 days“.
  • You’ll also earn 75 additional American Airlines Business Extra points on all rentals from now and the end of 2015!

To earn any bonus points, you’ll need to “provide a valid Business Extra number“.

If you’d like to join the Budget Business Program, you can do so here.

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2 thoughts on “Earn 300 AA Business Extra Points For A Car Rental

  1. J- I haven’t created an account yet so I am not sure where you enter the AA Business #. My guess is that it is an account preferences setting once you do. Let me know how it goes.

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