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National Geographic History

In my opinion National Geographic puts out possibly the best magazine and I’d definitely consider it to be a favorite of mine.

I’ve had a subscription to NatGeo on a few occasions. However, I currently only receive the Traveler version. (Not so surprising, is it?) There was a  point when I was receiving National Geographic, NatGeo Traveler & NatGeo Adventurer all at the same time.

I just received an e-mail from National Geographic informing me that they would be coming out with a new magazine.

If you’re into learning all about the past,  you might want to look into subscribing to National Geographic History.

According to the e-mail, “National Geographic History brings the past vividly to life, re-creating historic moments, discoveries, conflicts, and achievements with stunning accuracy and superb detail. Each issue features lavishly illustrated stories from all six of the great time periods: Mesopotamia, ancient Egypt, ancient Greece, ancient Rome, the Middle Ages, and the modern period“.

The new magazine will be coming out bimonthly. A subscription for the 6 issues will set you back $24 which is 60% off of the newsstand price.

While the magazine sounds great, I won’t be subscribing right now. My guess is that the next NatGeo magazine that we get will be for Lucas. I’d love to get him the Little Kids Magazine soon!

Find out more about National Geographic History by getting a sneak peek here.

(If you’re interested in ordering, click the tab on the upper-right corner.)

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