United Airlines Text Messaging Service, A Major Waste

United AirlinesWhile checking in for my flight to Atlanta I decided to set up/ enroll in the United Text Messaging Service.

Since I have unlimited text messaging, I figured it couldn’t hurt or cost me anything extra for the service.

The questions I wondered was, would it be of any help?

I’ve only signed up for the text notifications with one other program and it never seems to work properly. What good is a message notifying you of a delay as you are boarding the plane?

Common sense says, none!

Anyway, so I headed to the airport yesterday. After killing some time I headed over to the gate to charge my phone.

Our original departure time was 3:05. As the flight time got near, I found out that the plane we’d be flying to Atlanta with hadn’t arrived yet. It looked like we might be in for a bit of a delay…

Although I heard the gate agent make several announcements, keeping us informed as to what was going on, there were no text messages!

United Airlines

Our flight started to board and I was waiting for my turn to step onto the plane when looked down at my phone and saw a text message.

I looked at the message at 3:25pm seeing a text letting me know that my 3:05 flight was delayed due to “aircraft preparation”.

Why would a text be sent out at 3:25 for a flight that should’ve taken off at 3:05? In the message United said it was delayed due to aircraft preparation-funny I thought it was delayed since the plane came in late (I believe from Houston).

FYI- The flight didn’t end up taking off until around 4:15 pm, over an hour late.

I did receive one other text from UA one minute after the first one. It let me know that our flight would now be departing at 4:00pm and arriving at 6:24 pm.

If United can not get out the text messages on time, what’s the point of offering the service?

5 thoughts on “United Airlines Text Messaging Service, A Major Waste

  1. Seventeen oy my employee’s and i have cancelled our flights on United , and booked on a competitor airline due to the dragging of a passenger off their plane that had a ticket. We the people stand for a lot. But not this. We have a new favorite airline. Thank you. This airline needs to be put completely out of business. alum i co. Industries

  2. I got an UNSOLICITED text telling me that I would now be receiving United flight updates.
    Then I got an alert to check in for my flight to Aruba. I AM NOT GOING TO ARUBA.
    When I typed STOP to cancel, I was told there would be a charge. I have unlimited texting, so why are they going to charge me to cancel a service I never signed up for?
    This is messed up beyond belief. And probably the person who should have received the text didn’t get it. Some service.

  3. While I have gotten United texts after the fact as well, I usually get them in a timely manner. Two weeks ago I got one about 1 pm for a 9 pm cancellation.

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