A Visit to the Original Chick-fil-A: Dwarf House

Chick fil A Dwarf House

I wouldn’t consider myself a big fan of fast food but if I had to pick a favorite, my choice would be easy- Chick-fil-A!

(I should probably mention here though that I do love to visit McDonald’s when going to new countries to see what unique items might be on the menu.)

For Memorial Day weekend in 2014, Kim, Lucas and I headed to Atlanta to check out some of what the city had to offer. We didn’t rent a car so we took the local MARTA trains and buses (along with one Uber) to get around.

Since we didn’t have a rental car, we passed on visiting one place that I really wanted to check out.

With Chick-fil-A being founded in Atlanta, I was hoping to visit the restaurant’s original location, the Hapeville Dwarf House!

A visit to the Dwarf House wasn’t meant to be during our 2014 trip but I made it a point to stop by during my trip back to Atlanta in late April 2015.

The main purpose for visiting Atlanta this time around was to attend the Freddie Awards. During the visit I also got to drag a jet for a good cause with a group of other bloggers.

Kim and Lucas couldn’t make it to Atlanta so my brother came along on this quick trip. We decided to make good use of our time and tried to visit some interesting (odd) places in the area while in town.

Here are some things we did:


Chick fil A Dwarf HouseWe made it a point to stop by The Dwarf House! Yes, I made it to the original Chick-fil-A and it was well worth checking out!

Chick fil A Dwarf House

Chick fil A Dwarf House
Menu displayed above counter

This Chick-fil-A was like no other that I’ve visited before. It was almost like two restaurants in one. I guess you could say it is in many ways two restaurants…

When you step inside, there is a regular counter where you can order the usual Chick-fil-A menu items. However, there is also an option to order from a very different kind of menu.

Besides the regular counter, you can get seated in the other part of the restaurant which offers waiter service. I guess this would be the Dwarf House part….

I loved the set-up. It reminded me of an old diner. There is a long counter where you can dine at. Behind the counter is an open-kitchen so you can see some of the food prep going on.

There are also booths to sit at if you don’t like counter-dining. You’ll be given a menu with a wide range of options, many of which include the famous Chick-fil-A chicken. Oh, and the restaurant also serves beef burgers and no, I didn’t try one. (Beef is usually a no-no at the restaurant.)

You can also order anything from the regular Chick-fil-A if that’s what you desire. I found it a nice option if you’re dining here with kids.

After checking out the place, I had a big decision to make. I had to figure out what to order!

Such problems…

I decided to go with a dish that I was somewhat familiar with, the Hot Brown.

The Hot Brown is a dish that I first heard about while watching the show Man vs Food. The dish is best described as an open-faced turkey sandwich with lots of gravy and strips of bacon on top. I tried it out a few years back during a trip to Louisville, Kentucky at the place it was created, the Brown Hotel.

My brother and I also ordered a side of mac and cheese to share.

Chick fil A Dwarf House
The Hot Brown

The Dwarf House version of the Hot Brown substitutes Chick-fil-A chicken for turkey which makes it a fun take on the dish.

When it arrived, I couldn’t wait to dig in. The dish looked and smelled amazing but I can’t say that I loved it.

My big problem was that the Hot Brown is just overloaded in the thick gravy which killed the taste of the chicken quite a bit. This isn’t exactly the restaurant’s fault- that is how a Hot Brown is supposed to be. When I was able to find a chunk of chicken and wipe away some of the gravy, it was quite tasty. (The bacon on top and melted cheese also added nicely to the dish.)

Now I’m not saying the Dwarf House Hot Brown was a bad dish, I did like it- it just wasn’t what I want done to my Chick-fil-A chicken.

My brother had a grilled cheese which had a piece of Chick-fil-A chicken inside. This looked more like a dish that I would’ve really enjoyed.

Chick fil A Dwarf House

The mac and cheese was pretty incredible and in my opinion, it should be added as a menu item at every Chick-fil-A!

Chick fil A Dwarf House

Besides the variety in menu item options and waiter service, Dwarf House also has a miniature door at one of the entrances. The area has a few framed historical photos showing what the old Dwarf House looked like over the years.

Chick fil A Dwarf House

Here is a photo of a sign for the famous Dwarf Burger.

And then one of the most fun parts of the restaurant:

Chick fil A Dwarf House

The mini-door is an actual functioning door made especially for dwarves…

When I exited through this smaller door, I came across a very important person or at least a statue of him…

Chick fil A Dwarf House

Parked on a bench outside, Chick-fil-A drink cup in hand was a statue of the chain’s founder S. Truett Cathy. Truett is also “credited for introducing the chicken sandwich concept to the quick-serve industry” according to treuttcathy.com.

Cathy may have passed in 2014 but this statue is a neat memorial to him where it all began.

Overall, visiting the original Chick fil A Dwarf House was a really fun experience that I’d recommend you do if like amazing chicken! We had actually planned to stop by again the following day but there just wasn’t enough time since we had other things on the agenda!

The Chic-fil-A Hapeville Dwarf House is located at 461 N Central Ave Hapeville, GA.

Just don’t forget, all Chick-fil-A’s are closed on Sundays.

Find out info about the Hapeville Dwarf House here.

4 thoughts on “A Visit to the Original Chick-fil-A: Dwarf House

  1. I think it is terrible that you shut the Dwarf House down in Newnan Ga. and built a Chick- fil a. Now I can no longer have a Hot Brown.

  2. We happened to be in the area around the airport one night before catching an early flight home. We ended up driving around looking for a late night dinner. Passed by the Dwarf House , googled it and saw that it was the Original Chick Fil A location. Decided to turn around and go in. Never been there, never heard of it before.

    I had a chicken pot pie which took about 20-25 minutes to come out. It was great. I highly suggest this place. Its like a regular Chick Fil A in the back, but an old time diner in the front. Everything is good.

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