Interesting REDcard Question I Was Asked At Target


Earlier in the month I wrote about something I was never asked before about REDcard while visiting a Target in Atlanta.

After having success loading my REDcard with a Visa gift card, I headed back to Target, this time in Long Island to see if it would go as smoothly when loading more than one card.

After loading my card without issue, I did some shopping. You gotta love the extra 5% savings we get when paying with REDcard!

I went to the express 10 items or less checkout line and when it was my turn at first the cashier seemed a bit rude. She asked me in a not so friendly tone if I had 10 items or less. I didn’t count the items we picked up but I did think it was less than 10- if not I wouldn’t have gone on the line…

When it was time to pay, out came the REDcard. Once I swiped my card it was pretty funny- all of a sudden the cashier seemed to become talkative and friendly towards me.

She asked me where I got my Target REDcard and said that she wanted to get one! I mentioned how someone got it for me from out-of-state and that I had seen them at a store in Charleston…

The cashier then mentioned how one other customer had the card and said they got it at “some weird place”. Not sure what that meant but I guess it meant not in the NY area!

9 thoughts on “Interesting REDcard Question I Was Asked At Target

  1. I’ve had the same question asked before. One cashier couldn’t believe I went all the way from Phoenix to Tucson to get the prepaid card when I could have just signed up for the debit card at my local store for free! I just shrugged my shoulders. Silly me!

  2. Fiby- Interesting… I’ve only seen the prepaid for sale in one Target which was in Charleston. There were some displays by the register but I didn’t hear anyone getting offered the card while I was on line.

    Clickbait- What you consider “nothing” I obviously felt was something. I can’t say that I was ever asked before where I got the card from. Heck, most Target employees don’t even know what the card is. Am I ashamed? Absolutely not. I write what I want on my site. Sorry that I can’t please everyone, but what can you do… Feel free to send me a link to your blog so I can keep tabs on your content.

    Michael P- Definitely good to know! I haven’t used GiftCardMall cards but have considered ordering. I need to make it out to the Bay Area again, it’s been way too many years.

  3. Here in CA I’ve just been asked where I got it. Also – no problem loading GiftCardMall prepaid gift cards on to Target RedCard in Bay Area Targets so far. Easy as can be!

  4. This isn’t the first time you’ve written such a clickbait “article” about nothing. You should be ashamed.

    Simply asking where you got your redbird? You’ve gotta be kidding me. I get asked that nearly everytime I reload.

  5. That was your “interesting question?” where did you get it at?

    Cmon dude. Not worth even an article write up.

    1. Ash- I found it interesting (maybe a better word would’ve been funny) to be asked by a Target employee where I got REDcard. Sorry if you don’t agree.

      1. I found this particularly odd because every time I go to Target and check out, they ask if I want to sign up for a REDCard

          1. Now this story makes more sense.

            But actually, they’re offering me the debit card version, which I already have.

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