Earn 3 Miles Per Dollar With Citi Executive Card- Targeted

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When I got back from my recent trip to Myanmar I dreaded going through all of the mail which had accumulated while away.

Besides the usual bills and a few free magazines, there was mostly junk to get rid of. However, while making my way through the pile, I came across a special, limited time offer for one of my Citi AAdvantage Executive cards.

With this offer, I could earn three miles per dollar in select categories until June 30, 2015.

This seemed like an interesting offer worth taking a look at, especially since I’m not currently working on hitting any minimum spends on new credit cards…

The Categories:

  • Department Stores
  • Restaurants
  • Gas Stations
  • Grocery Stores

In order to qualify to earn the bonus miles , registration was required.

The letter I received from Citi included an invitation number so I think it’s safe to say that this is a targeted offer. (I also didn’t receive this offer for my other active Citi AA Exec card which I need to close in the upcoming weeks.)

The promo actually offers two bonus miles per dollar (it already earned one mile per dollar) so now I can earn a total of three miles per dollar spent.

There is also a maximum amount of miles that can be earned with the offer which is 2,500.

For now I decided to make the Citi Executive card my go to card when dining out. I used it at a few restaurants and am also thinking of using it at grocery stores (except when shopping at Whole Foods).

Why wouldn’t I use this card at Whole Foods (or the gas category) you might wonder?

With the Chase Ink card I earn 5X points at office supply stores. Rather that just pay for my Whole Foods purchase with a credit card, I first go to Staples and buy Whole Foods gift cards to pay with.. I do the same with Amazon and for gas stations like Shell…

I have until 6/30/15 to earn three miles per dollar with this card and plan to try to earn the full 2,500 bonus.

Did any of you receive a targeted offer from Citi for the AA Executive card? If so, what categories can you earn the bonus in and, do you plan to try to earn the extra miles?

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