Discounts With Your Boarding Pass

Singapore Airlines Boarding Pass 

Did you know that you could get discounts with your Singapore Airlines Boarding Pass?

Back in August 2012, Kim, Lucas and I took a trip to Southeast Asia visiting places like Singapore, Bali and Malaysia. We had an awesome time during the trip, visiting many interesting sites and having many memorable experiences.

While these destinations aren’t what most would consider expensive, it’s always better to save whenever you can.

During our first stop in Singapore, we went for a ride on the Singapore Flyer, a giant ferris wheel with great views of the surrounding area.

The Singapore Flyer was one of the pricier attractions we stopped at. While paying for tickets I jokingly asked if we could have a discount. The girl at the ticket counter then asked if we flew with Singapore Air…

It turned out that we did and she said with our Singapore Airlines boarding pass we could get a discount. Not so surprisingly we didn’t have our boarding pass with us but Lucas’ stroller did have the gate tag hanging. This ended up being sufficient proof which got us a discount on our ride. (This is almost 3 years ago so I don’t recall how much we saved.)

After this, I asked about discounts a couple of other times and we may have saved a little bit at another attraction or two.

I never really thought about it again until I came across a tweet from Singapore Air the other day.

Singapore Airlines Boarding Pass While I randomly came across this discount during that trip, Singapore Air now has a page showing all of the different ways you can save with your boarding pass (Singapore Air or Silk Air) or PPS Club/ KrisFlyer membership card.

Singapore Airlines Boarding Pass You can get “special privileges and discounts on hotel accommodation, shopping, dining, tourist attractions, travel and transport services around the island“.

Here are some examples of savings:

  • Dining discounts at select restaurants
  • Singapore Zoo- 10% off admission
  • Night Safari- 10% off admission
  • Universal Studios- 10% off one day pass
  • Gardens By the Bay- 10% off conservatories admission

Sadly I didn’t see the Singapore Flyer mentioned on the site. However, if you visit Singapore I still highly recommend stopping by for a ride which will give you great views.

Have you heard of other airlines & destinations offering a similar discount?

Find out more about saving with Singapore Airlines Boarding Pass Privileges here.

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