I Paid My AAdvantage Aviator Red Mastercard Bill?

AAdvantage Credit Card

Yesterday I paid the bill on my Barclaycard US Airways Mastercard or so I thought…

I logged on at barclaycardus.com and expected to see an image of my familiar US Airways card but I was a bit surprised.

Here is what I saw when I logged in.

AAdvantage Credit Card

I know that my US Air card will become the new AAdvantage Aviator Red card soon but what’s the rush in changing the card details online?

Considering I don’t even have the new card in my hand yet, it could be quite confusing. Luckily I know of the upcoming switch coming to my card.

Imagine how confusing it could be for a cardmember that doesn’t pay attention to the changes taking place due to the AA/ US Airways merger. They might go to pay their US Air card but see what looks like a totally new product in their account and hesitate to pay!

On another note- yesterday when I logged in to AA.com I was happy to see that my AA & US Air mileage account balances had been combined without issue. Did you link your accounts to have your mileage balances combined?

2 thoughts on “I Paid My AAdvantage Aviator Red Mastercard Bill?

  1. DaninMCI- It’s definitely been strange the past few days! I’m just glad that the only big problem from the BA hack that I felt was a lack of communication. It sure could’ve been worse….

  2. It was a nervous weekend for sure. First BA locked down my Avios. Then Sunday my AA account showed my combined total (even though I couldn’t book any awards). Then this morning Awardwallet showed my wife’s US Air account got debited 74,983 miles out of 200k’ish which was weird. Finally they all rolled over to her AA account today. Now my Avios accounts are back as well. Who ever said Mondays are bad 🙂

    Oh and yes we registered ahead of time to combine our US/AA accounts. Seems like BA had the hardest time with the merger and offered the least explanation during the event 🙂

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