TabbedOut: $15 Off Dining Bill With Citi Card

Tabbed Out

Citi is offering some savings off your next check for using the app TabbedOut when dining out at a participating restaurant.

Based on what I’ve read about the app, TabbedOut can save you time and money when using it so it sounds like it’s worth looking into.

With the offer I received, I can save $15 off my next dining bill of $20 or more at participating restaurants. To save, I have to pay through the app with a Citi AAdvantage Executive World Elite Mastercard. (Based on the terms  believe it is good with other Citi cards, too.)

It doesn’t say that this offer is targeted and I’m sure that many of you have the Citi Executive card (or multiples) thanks to the amazing 100,000 signup offer last year. Hopefully everyone can save $15 off $20 with this offer…

Some info about TabbedOut:

  • View and pay your restaurant & bar tab with your phone
  • It’s a secure way to pay
  • Instead of waiting for the bill, pay when you are ready ” at the table, in the next bar or on the cab ride home”. I’m not fully sure how that works- I’d feel weird walking out and closing out my bill later on. Maybe when you tell the waiter you are using TabbedOut, the bill is vouched for (so to speak) due to giving the app info.
  • Receive the best deals, perks, and rewards from your favorite brands and venues sent straight to your phone

How the app works: (from iTunes)

  • Open the app and find a restaurant or bar near you.
  • Tap the “Open Tab” button to open a new check.
  • Tell your server your name and that you’re using TabbedOut.
  • Place your order with your server.
  • When you’re ready to go, Tap the “Pay” button.
  • That’s it! Your tab is now paid. Now you can continue on with your evening.

Some Rules:

  • To save $15 off $20, dine includes tax but excludes gratuity
  • Offer expires 3/31/15
  • The offer is not just good for Citi Executive card holders: “This offer is only available on Citi Consumer Credit Cards and CitiBusiness Cards. Debit Cards, Private Label Cards and Commercial Cards are not eligible for this offer. One offer redemption per TabbedOut account“.
  • Good at participating restaurants in NYC including all 5 boroughs

Did anyone else receive an e-mail from Citi about saving with TabbedOut? Has anyone tried paying bills with TabbedOut yet? If so, I’d love to hear your thoughts about the app.

TabbedOut can be downloaded in the iTues App Store and through Google play.

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