North Korea Now Allowing Tourists To Enter Marathon

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image: Uri Tours

A little over a week back I wrote about how tourists were being banned by North Korea from entering the Pyongyang Marathon due to Ebola fears.

Then I wrote about how I was surprised to find out that North Korea had lifted their travel ban just a week later…

So what’s the deal North Korea???

After the ban was lifted, Uri Tours, “the largest provider of North Korea travel in the US” was unsure if the Pyongyang Marathon would reopen to tourists this year.

The Pyongyang Marathon takes place on April 12, 2015 and it takes two weeks to get a visa. So, even if the race was reopened to tourists, it would still be a pretty tight window to get things organized…

I just received a quick e-mail from Andrea Lee, CEO of Uri Tours. The message shared some very interesting news and yet another turn of events for travel to North Korea.

The Pyongyang Marathon has been reopened to tourists!

While I am not a marathon runner and I’m currently not planning a trip to North Korea right now, this is exciting news. Running a race in North Korea has got to be pretty different from the norm.

I’d love to visit North Korea in the near future and if possible also run a 5K or 10K…

If you’re interested in running the Pyongyang Marathon (there is also a half marathon & 10K option) or just want to find out more about the race, head on over to Uri Tours here.

Find out about the marathon being reopened to tourists here.

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