This Is Just Strange- Man Found In JetBlue Cockpit

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This has to be one of the stranger pieces of travel news that I’ve come across in a while…

A JetBlue flight landed at JFK airport on Tuesday morning at around 2 AM. After everyone got off of the plane, the ground crew found one of the passengers hiding in the cockpit.

The flight arrived in New York from the Dominican Republic. The cockpit visiting passenger is a 26 year old man from Atlantic City, New Jersey.

While he was being removed from the plane, “the man opened an alarm door but he never made it through or got away from the airline workers escorting him off, authorities said” (according to the NBC News article).

The man was taken to Jamaica Hospital and then arrested & charged with trespassing.

What I can’t imagine is how the guy managed to get into the cockpit.

I know that whenever getting off a plane, there seems to be 1-2 flights attendants standing in front of the cockpit door. The pilots usually tend to stay by the cockpit while the passengers leave.

Definitely odd…

Find out more from NBC News here.

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